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We have been a prestigious name to offer our customers an extraordinary scope of Pipe Extrusion Machinery. Offered machinery is useful for extruding wide range of pipes for irrigation from material like PP, PE, PVC and other materials. These items are made by utilizing the qualitative raw materials to ensure high quality products with highest dimensional accuracy, that to at a competitive market price.

Being a prominent organization, we are instrumental in providing our valued clients with a wide assortment of Plastic Extrusion Machines. Our offered machines are widely used for manufacturing PP, PE, PVC pipes useful for irrigation purpose.

We always ensure the on time delivery of all of our products. These come with a well-tested design, easy servicing and reliable performance which makes it a product with an optimal pay-off. We rightly believe in the happiness of our customers and deliver the machines only after various rounds of quality checks performed by our highly efficient and skilled team members.

Thibak Pipe Machines

We are specialized in manufacturing a range of Thibak Pipe machine that cater to the requirements of irrigation purpose. Designed using advanced techniques, these lines are appreciated for their optimum performance, reliability and long service life. Further, we can also provide these on turnkey basis as per the specific requirements of the clients.

• Pipe Production Line (PVC, PE).
• PP-R PE HDPE Pipe Production Line.
• PVC Pipe Extrusion Line.
• PE, PVC Single Corrugation Pipe Production Line.

Thibak Pipe machine

Uses :
Used to produce pipes with diameters ….-….. mm which are mostly used for water supply.

Features :
• Robust construction, Less maintenance,
• High functionality, High efficiency,
• Long service life, Hassle free operation.


Pipe Size (MM)


Machine Line

Plastic Extruder 75 mnSe. - 16 & 20mn

Extruder Machine 75 mn

16 mn & 20 mn inline/inline

2000 meter Aprox Per Hour  
Extruder Flat Drip 16 mn / 20mn Inline 4000 mtr. Aprox Per Hour  

Granules Machine 90 Screw

4 mn - 6 mn diameter

90 - 100 Kg Aprox Per Hour  

Drip Pipe Machines

Extrusion is a process of creating variety of objects of fixed cross sectional profile. In this process a particular material , i.e. Plastic in this case is pushed through a manufacturing tool or die. This die is of required cross section. The material enters through feed throat or opening . After coming in contact with a rotating screw which forces the plastic into a heated barrel . Finally it enters a die to get desired shape. By using this machine we can manufacture products with complex cross sections . Excellent surface finish is obtained using this process . We, L G ENGINEERS are pioneers in manufacturing and supplying plastic ext ruder machines of excellent quality at reasonable rate.

Thibak Pipe machine


We L.G. ENGINEERS , manufacture and supply best quality of plastic granules machine. Performance of our Plastic Granules Machine is fantastic . They give long lasting and practically maintenance free service. Plastic granules produced by our machines are rigid and offer good thermal resistance. Plastic granules of various sizes and colours are produced by our machines.


Drip Irrigation is a type of irrigation in which lot of water and fertilizer is saved . In drip irrigation method water is directly dripped or sprinkled on the roots of plants either on the soil or directly on the roots through valve or pipe network. Main components which are used in drip irrigation are pump, water filter,pressure control valve , safety valves etc.. We, L.G.ENGINEERS are well experienced in manufacturing and supplying on line and drip irrigation machine. Of best quality.

We provide such a durable and effective system that yield of the crop increases, water is saved and effectiveness of fertilizer is increased.

Thibak Pipe machine


Plastic is component of various products like HDPE, LDPE etc. Plastic trays , strips and purging s also give rise to plastic scrap. To recycle this plastic waste, a good mixer grinder is required . We, L.G. ENGINEERS manufacture and supply mixer and grinder. For plastic material with compact design and easy operations. Our plastic grinders are widely used in qualitative measurement of components in various industries . They are resistant to corrosion and they are highly efficient

Inline / Online Round Pipe Drip Irrigation Machine (Cylindrical)

Featres and application :

• Emitter automatic identification device
• Emitter automatic transport device
• Extruder
• Vaccum sizing device
• Cooling device
• Caterpillar - tractor
• Punching and detect device
• Double station recoiling machine

Inline / Online Round Pipe Drip Irrigation Machine (Cylindrical)

Technical Parameters :
• The Production line speed : 30 - 50 m/min
• Emitter maximum screening speed : 200↑
• Emitter inlaid speed : 70↑ / min
• Space between emitter : 300 mm 400mm 500mm 1000mm 1500mm
• Hauling speed : 60m / min
• Punching speed : 70↑ / min

Specifications :

Pipe Diameter


6 mm

10 mm

14 mm

Wall Thickness

0.6 mm

0.6 mm
0.6 mm
Tolerance of wall thickness
0.05 mm
0.05 mm
0.05 mm

Diameter of emitter (mm)




Inline Flat Drip Irrigation Machine

Features and Application :
Chip drip irrigation pipe is a kind of drip irrigation pipe that inlaid with flat emitter in the internal wall of the pipe. It is widely used in the irrigation of greenhouse and land for growing field crops. The feature of the products :

1. Emitter and pipe unified, it is convenient for installation and usage, low cost and small investment.
2. The emitter has inherent filtration window, it has good performance of resist blocking.
3. The machine adopts labyrinth type passageway, it has certain pressure compensation effect,
4. The space between the emitter can adjust according to the customer's requirements.

Inline Flat Drip Irrigation Machine

Product superiority :

1. This product adopts post forming technology, it has high precision.
2. New - type wide and lttong passageway, it has the advantage of full turbulent flow, automatic washing and strong anti blocking.
3. Optimized material formula, anti - corrosion and anti - aging.
4. Low head loss on - way, long laying length.

Technical Parameters :

Diameter of Pipe (mm)


Wall Thickness (mm) 0.2 - 0.8
Space between the emitter (mm) 100 - 2000
Working Pressure (Mpa) 0.08 - 0.22
Quantity of Flow (L/h) 1, 38 - 2, 2 - 2, 7 - 3.0

Length of each roll (m)

1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500